We are fortunate that our solid waste landfill is operated efficiently, with expenses paid for by tipping fees and the sale of electricity and mulch and compost.

This link will show you a brief video of the Regional Landfill, serving Craven, Pamlico and Carteret Counties. The audio has not been cleaned...deliberately...so that you may hear the noise and operation of something most of us take for granted, the disposal of our trash. These fine people, along with the collectors and haulers, work in Cold and Hot weather, rain and burning sun and noise that is always with them. Even in the Monitor Room of the power generator station, the noise is always there. They are doing their part to keep our area a nice place to live...Are you? 

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The photogallery below will show you a brief summary about our landfill. For more information, go to our environmental links page and click on the landfill link.

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