In keeping with the idea of cooperation and recognition, Green Craven, working with the Chamber of Commerce, is looking for businesses that are making the effort to operate in a responsible, green manner.

Below are the criteria we are looking at when selecting recipients. Understanding that no business is likely to achieve 100% of these criteria and that some of these criteria do not apply to every business, there are levels of merit associated with these certificates.

Any business achieving 20% or more of these initiatives is eligible for a certificate. The more items achieved, the higher the level of merit shown. Recipients will also be noted on this web site as responsible businesses in Craven County

If your business qualifies, or if you know of a business that may qualify, please contact us or Kevin Roberts at the Chamber.



Purchasing from vendor who offers green  catalog.
Imaging documents to reduce printing.
Purchasing copiers with  scan to network feature to reduce printing.
Requesting employees shut down  computers at the end of the work day.
Unplugging appliances when not in  use.
Managing Seasonal temperature ranges- Winter Settings 65-68
Managing  Seasonal temperature ranges- Summer Settings 76-80
Installing blinds to  manage afternoon sun.
Exchange CRT computer monitors with LCD monitors when  computers are
Performing quarterly inspections of windows and doors  for leaks and drafts.
Buy recycled office supplies when possible (paper,  printer cartridges,
Installed in-line water heaters
Receive/Create a  percentage of energy from renewable resource
Water coolers, vending machines,  photo copies, etc are on timers turning
off during off hours.
Trained all  employees in compnaies Green  Initiatives

Removed all lights from vending  machines.
Using task lighting vs. overhead lighting when  possible.
Replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent  bulbs.
Installed Motion detectors for lighting
Initiated Turn Lights Off  When Not in Use Program
Shades are opened to use natural lighting when  possible
Flickering fluorescent tubes are replaced  immediately and use T-8 fixtures where possible

Purchasing paper made from at least 30%  recycled material
Purchasing paper made from at least 10% recycled  material
Recycling paper in desk side containers
Recycling paper  containers conveniently available.
Using recycled toner when available for  printers and fax machines.
Recycling batteries, cell phones, and  chargers.
Reusing the back side of non-confidential paper for message/scratch  pads
Donate old functional computers to school children that do not have home 
Send old computer equipment to a company that recycles electronic  devices.
Recycle cans, glass, cardboard, etc through a waste management  program                                                                                       Recycle Ink cartridges 


Initiated "Think before you print" campaign.
Using  earth friendly cleaning products.
Changing telephone book distribution from  mass to as needed.
Carpooling for meetings.
Transporting clients via  carpool when feasible.
Provide computer applications so employees can  complete required paperwork
from home.
Comprehensive telecommuting policy and  enabling technologies for working
Web/video conferencing to reduce  mileage costs.
Replaced Styrofoam with mugs, paper cups, etc at coffee and  water locations
Furniture is only replaced when necessary
Resources for  good used furniture are available to procurement staff
Photocopies are double  sided

Water Conservation

Landscaping done with drought  resistant plantings
Keeping storm drains free of debris.
Installed  Cistern/Rain Catch System for landscaping needs
Water Reducing  faucets
Driveways and walkways are made of permeable surfaces
Sensor type  fixtures in  restrooms