Plastic Bottle Law apparently a failure.

For some time now, it has been illegal to introduce plastic bottles into landfills.

You would think this would mean that parks, stores that sell drinks in plastic, Malls and other venues would make sure that recycling alternatives are available.

You would be wrong.

After examining a number of stores that sell drinks for consumption on the premises, I can safely say I saw NONE that provided easy, or even difficult recycling.  This included Grocery Stores, Book Stores with snack points, Discount stores and convenience stores.

 Parks, both Municipal and State have few, if any containers for recycling.

As many of us thought when the law was passed, without a deposit on bottles, they will continue to go to the trash in high numbers.

Using water more efficiently...

A firm in Tennesee has a simple yet effective solution to washing your hands after using the toilet and not wasting the water. Mount the sink on the tank and allow the water to fill the tank. For more information, go to .

Solar Panels at reduced cost...happening now.

Nanosolar is making panels out of glass, foil and ink, not expensive chips. For a peek at what this can mean,   Click Here .

10 % makes a difference !

To learn how even a 10 % change can make a difference, go to

Always keep in mind that even slight changes in life can have a major impact on the world.

Thanks to Annette Stone for bringing this important article to our attention.

Recycling can do wonders!

Subaru of America has a plant in Indiana that does something rather remarkable. They make products and recycle over 99% of their waste.

I say remarkable as no other plants, locally or otherwise seem to have managed this. For more information :

Should we ask local businesses to recycle according to the county plan and perhaps attempt to acheive Subaru's level of recycling? I think about you?

Let your suppliers, employers, businesses you deal with know that you want them to try and keep our area green...and when they say it can't be done, tell them one comapny has already done it. 

Rodger Whitney 

Green Fair held at Craven Community College.

Green Craven was there, handing out brochures and providing information to visitors, as well as showing some of the videos we have on our site.

For a quick review and a look at the action, Click Here

Rodger Whitney

Everyday SOLAR power                                                                                                              Rodger Whitney

We may not all be able to place solar generators on our homes, but we can all use Solar to make a diference.

I use solar outdoor lighting to replace and supplement lighting at my home. The design  I am using has one collector and three led  flood lights. These are sufficient for my carport, side of the house, Garage door area and gate. I use 4  sets, most of which are at least 3 years old.

Using these meant no wiring, no power consumption and no added carbon footprint.

I also use a Solar Heater to supplement my home heat and my pool heater.

How can you use Solar Energy to reduce your bills and your Carbon Footprint?

Why Rain Barrels?

Rain barrels reduce storm water runoff

Rain barrels save on water bills

Rain barrels provide healthy, chemical-free water for irrigation of lawns, Gardens & trees

In many communities, 30 to 50 percent of the total water used is for landscape irrigation. Capturing rainwater for use in the landscape makes efficient use of a valuable resource, reducing water bills and reducing demand on water supply.

A prolonged drought can cause the loss of many valuable landscaping plants and prompting water rationing. Water conservation and development of alternative water supplies is necessary to meet a growing demand for fresh water. Rain barrels are an alternative water supply. They allow you to capture, divert, and store rainwater for later use.

Capturing rainwater using barrels can also help to prevent flooding and erosion, turning storm water problems into water supply assets by slowing runoff and allowing it to soak into the ground. Heavy rainfall events can wash pathogens from contaminated soils, farms, and streets into drinking water supplies.

Reducing storm water runoff helps reduce contamination of surface water with sediments, fertilizers, and pesticides. Water Pollution can cause problems at a basic level by killing life that lives in water-based ecosystems. All to often we hear about fish kills in our local waterways. Using Rain barrels is an action we can all take to help reduce fish kills in the Neuse and Trent Rivers.

Endangered Species garden Rain Barrels may be purchased locally. For more information, or to get your rain barrels, contact Kathy at   For a short video showing a Rainbarrel in use, click here.


A different rainbarrel, made from recycled barrels is available by contacting . Please contact them drect for details.

Solar Electricity Comes to New Bern!

There is a new Electric Generator Station in town!  A SOLAR generator at the home of Tim Mclear.  To see a short video video tour of New Bern's FIRST Solar generating system, click here

Construction was during the Spring of 2009.


                                                                                                     Proper attachment to the roof supplying wind resistance !

A low profile means the installation is pleasing and safe, resistant to wind and does not interfere with rainwater flow.

Two meters, one to show produced power, one normal meter. Every KWH produced is bought by the electric utility.

Power from the solar cells is converted to AC current and flows to the grid, saving money and reducing the carbon foorprint of this home.

GREEN WEDDINGS AND EVENTS             Rodger Whitney

With every wedding or special event, we have an opportunity to celebrate the occasion responsibly.

If you use disposable items, make sure you get types that will bio degrade...self destruct in landfills...and will not be with us til the end of time.

For pictures, ask your photographer about a green that minimizes the use of papers and that they use rechargable batteries where possible.

Bubbles instead of rice or seed. Not damaging to the environment...and really pretty!

For business meetings and conferences, arrange a web site where the attendees can view and download images. For that special framed memory shot, have the photographer ensure a responsible print and frame process.

Use natural light where you can.

Encourage casual dress during warm times of the year to minimize cooling needs.

Provide recycling bins for any plastic or can containers. Place signs on them to let people know they are recycling only...and have them near the trash cans.

Celebrate the good time and make a conference or meeting fun...responsibly!

Neuse River Day   was a solid success. for a short video of the day, click here.

Housing both Energy efficient AND Inexpensive?

Apparently so. a photographer at Popular Science magazine is building a nice looking, energy efficient home for less than $8.00 per square foot. Go to and enter green dream in the search box for more information.

Dishwasher better than hand washing? It seems so. a recent experiment, comparing three methods of dishwashing confirms earlier studies that show using a dishwasher, with a full load, uses less water than other methods. Using less water means less hot water, so there is an energy savings as well, not to mention a saving in your time. There are caveats.

IF you can wash a dirty dish and rinse it in less than a cup of waster, hand washing might be better. If you run the dishwasher before you have a full load, you have cut the efficiency of using the dishwasher.

However, in several studies, the modern (post 1994) dishwasher has come out ahead, not only in water use but in energy use as well when used correctly.                                                   Research and article by Rodger Whitney

12 Earth Friendly Appliances coming SOON or already here!

Follow this link for details!

New Bern has a second Solar Generating Home!

Dr. Redding in Greenbrier has added a large solar array to his townhome. the system is simple, unobtrusive and has produced over 120 Killowat Hours in less than 6 days!

Click Here to see a video on this latest green power addition to New Bern.


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