These are organizations with information and resources from a national point of view.  Ideas, success stories and more are on many of these sites.

NOTE: Some of these sites are sponsored sites, with some or all of their funding by businesses.  Research to date indicates the sites are independent and that the businesses are making the effort to be environmentally responsible, but, if in doubt, check!....AND PLEASE...let us know if you find a site that is not fair and balanced.

Calculate your carbon footprint          

The Lower Neuse Riverkeeper.

Go Green Initiative                                   

Cities go green                                                                  

Green Schools Initiative                          

Harvard Sustainability....A newsletter and resource about energy and dollars saved by going green.                                                          

National Geographic  Environment       

Healthy Built Homes                            

WNC Green Builders                          

US Green Building Council               

Information on wind power                


NC Greenpower                                                                       

Freecycle in New Bern                       

Solar Energy News  [please note: This site does have advertising. However, it also has many excellent articles on alternative energy sources both current and future ]