Our Goal is to be the clearinghouse for all things GREEN. Whether you need information about permitting, waste or have ideas and events to share...

WE invite you to use this site as a resource to find ways to:

Build with Green Options

Remodel and upgrade using Green methods to save money and help the environment

Garden using green methods

To report activities you feel may be harming the environment

To find ways to become involved in helping Craven County and the surrounding area remain a great place to live and work.

This site is growing thanks to our viewers. We will be updating with new information and links and we want to hear from YOU.

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The photogallery will give a brief overview of some of the goals and ideas for our area. Feel free to comment or to suggest more ideas to make Craven County a better place to live.

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If you know of a site that will provide information about how to build or improve buildings, provides access to green technology or assistance in purchasing green alternatives, please tell us!

If you know of a possible problem, please tell us about that as well. We will pass the information on to the authorities.

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   The Beauty of our area cannot be taken for granted

                      or survive without the help of everyone

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Disclaimer: We do not endorse or approve of any site or product. This site has one purpose...the sharing of ideas and information to help Craven County and the surrounding areas remain great places to live and work by providing a central source for information about the environment including regulations and resources and ideas.

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